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It’s a time when things that could be simply aren’t

And things that should be seem to always lie just out of reach

It’s a time when all you have to give each day falls just short of what you had hoped

And all you can look far beyond and see is the same barren field you are already standing in

But there is Tomorrow so my heart always seems to turn that way.


When weary eyes finally lay at night to put another day to rest

Tomorrow brings a tear of hope and the tiniest whisper of a new start

Late at night as the moon shines through the open frame Tomorrow is a friend, a guiding angel

With open arms and the kindest eyes she keeps me safe just one more night

And so I dream again of Tomorrow though she never seems to stay.


Dawn touches my face so gently and welcomes me with a careful nudge

In the night my heart has become new not alone, peace and hope still lay beside me

What I needed from Someday now here holds my hand and surrounds my every thought

What never comes is somehow right here and together I know we shall march.

Once there was Tomorrow and Tomorrow is finally Today.


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