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In The Real you'll find the truest me

The Real is a deeper and distant place, a protected and guarded ground. A place I sometimes visit, though not as often as I should, and almost always just alone.

Not many are let in. And although few are invited, fewer still desire to even come at all.

Here in The Real is the sole place one might find the truest me - in a silent lavender field, on a blanket on the ground, steaming black coffee in hand, the sunrise just peeking over a distant hill.

Here there are no pretends, no comparisons, no tokens or status to long for. Here my heart lays open and overflows of love. Here too I cry, but only tears of gratitude and peace.

Entry isn’t based on speeches or shared wisdom but rather on the sincerity of

one’s inquiries, the softness of an outreached hand. We arrive at this sacred place not through preaching, nor by telling or talking at all but by asking and seeking, letting go, and then sitting patiently in the stillness.

I have come to believe that the purpose of life is love and connection to those that have been placed among us and beside us. But this can only be lived and fulfilled in a place of truest heart.

Higher up on the level ground is where we laugh, feign joy, and mingle in the prescribed crowds. But when it’s time to love and to dig deeper, let us love in a place where our hearts are true and free.

Take my hand if you wish to share. Come with me to a place that is The Real, to a silent lavender field, on a blanket on the ground.


Peace is found in the surrender and in the stillness of our special safe place — that place our spirit goes when all the struggle and chaos fades away. May you seek your special place, and find it, and remember to go there often.


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