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Terrence is a non-fiction writer of memoir, narrative essay and poetry that writes from the heart with a love for reflections about people and life as we know it and share it together. His distant childhood, thirty years of family, travel and marriage, and a different life now which includes grandkids, writing and meditation have all helped shape his story which he is only now truly understanding and willing to share. He has now finished his degree in Creative Writing Non-Fiction at SNHU and was honored to have a short essay selected for his college’s writing journal. He has many essays and poems published on and is working on a full-length memoir surrounding his transformation from conflict to peace through one year of reflection and therapy.  He loves to hear from readers and can be reached at: or any of the social media links below.

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About me: I grew up in the midwest in a small farm town and was taught to believe small farm town things - some of which I've held on to and some of which I haven't. As I start my writing journey, I've been married now thrity years, have kids and grandkids, have been to many amazing places in the world like Paris, Morocco, Ireland, and New York City and am grateful to have met so many amazing and inspiring people along the way. I see the world differently than most I suppose, through metaphors and symbolism and nature and through the eyes of people that cross my path – some for a lifetime and some only for a moment. Some far more well off than I, some far more less. What all the diverse people we meet have in common is the core of the human spirit and a soul you can see into through their eyes, even if they don't speak or tell their whole story. My lifelong journey with depression and anxiety and the transformation I experienced through therapy gives me a deepened compassion for those that cross my path. You just don’t know what the people you meet are walking through or what weights they carry. The purpose of my writing is to stir the human heart amongst all the commotion and to help share the beauty of what we all have in common.


To connection, to transformation, to peace...

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